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Inner speech

When people reflect upon their own inner experience, they often report that it has a verbal quality (Baars, 2003). Also referred to as verbal thinking, inner speaking, covert self-talk, internal monologue, and internal dialogue, inner speech has been proposed to have an important role in the self-regulation of cognition and behavior in both childhood and adulthood,


Despite its apparent importance for human cognition, inner speech has received relatively little attention from psychologists and cognitive neuroscientists, partly due to methodological problems involved in its study."

Source : Inner Speech: Development, Cognitive Functions, Phenomenology, and Neurobiology Open AccessPsychological Bulletin, 2015 Volume 141, Issue 5

After more than a century of study, Inner Speech remains paradoxical - with little agreement among psychologists as to its exact function, importance, and evolutionary pathways.

The Laboratoire de Psychologie et NeuroCognition, at the University of Grenoble, France, has a research lab dedicated to investigating the phenomenon.

Note: Philosophers have also focused on the implications of Inner Speech : See : Why are you talking to yourself? The epistemic role of inner speech in reasoning Noûs, Early View. June 2021.

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