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Supersymmetry (SUSY)

Supersymmetry (colloquially known as SUSY) is a principle that proposes that every boson atomic particle (an example boson is the photon) has a corresponding fermion particle (an example fermion is the electron), and vice versa. If such 'paired' particles were found to exist in all cases, several mathematical and logical problems with the current Standard Model of particle physics would be resolved.

A supersymmetrical extension to the Standard Model would resolve major hierarchy problems within gauge theory, by guaranteeing that quadratic divergences of all orders will cancel out in perturbation theory."

Source Wikipedia

Despite more than a decade of operation at CERN's Large Hadron Collider (and others) no consistent boson/fermion particle-pairing has yet been confirmed.

Supporters of the theory, however, suggest that some of the possible 'new' particles could have such large masses that current-day accelerators don't have sufficient energy to create them.

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