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Editor's note : Because of the intense, ongoing, global research efforts related to Covid-19, it's difficult to get an accurate picture of the unknown factors. Here are some of the many as-yet-unanswered questions

Why does the virus have much more serious effects in older people? current research partially understood
Were less virulent variants in circulation prior to the major Wuhan outbreak? current research unknown
Has the virus reached peak virulence / infectivity? current research unknown
Will anti-viral drugs eventually be able to cure the disease? current research partial results
What is the incidence of 'Long Covid'? current research insufficient data ref.
Is the incidence of 'Long Covid' affected by the number of times a patient has had Covid? current research unknown
What range of symptoms does 'Long Covid' present? current research under review
How long-lasting are the symptoms of ‘Long Covid’? current research unknown
Is the often-reported 'Brain Fog' part of ‘Long Covid’? current research unknown
Is 'Brain Fog' caused by the virus directly infecting the brain? current research unknown
How long does vaccine protection last? current research estimated only
How long do infection-generated antibodies remain effective? current research estimated only
Which other mammals can contract covid? current research Growing list
Which animals can transmit to humans? current research not known

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