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Wikenigma - an Encyclopaedia of Unknowns Wikenigma - an Encyclopaedia of the Unknown Science

Anemonefish Symbiosis

The Orange clownfish - Amphiprion percula - (also known as the Percula clownfish and Clown anemonefish), is widely known as a popular aquarium fish. Like other clownfishes (also known as Anemonefishes), it often lives in association with sea anemones.

The anemones have a highly toxic defence mechanism which is powerful enough to rapidly kill any other small fish.

The clownfishes symbiotically live amongst the anemone tentacles, semi-permanently, with no apparent damage. There is currently no agreed explanation as to how they do this.

There are several hypotheses : including the theory that the fish are protected by a mucous layer, or that they have an 'acquired immunity' of some kind.

Further info at Wikipedia

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