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Southwest Paleohispanic Script

Southwest Paleohispanic Scripts ( a.k.a. South-Lusitanian, Tartessian or Bastulo-Tartessian scripts ) are a set of undeciphered engravings - in an unknown language - that have been discovered in the south of Portugal, mainly Algarve and southern Alentejo. There are 90 or so individual examples on stone and pottery.

Some scholars suggest the language might be be related to Celtic, others to Iberian. The 'letters' are thought to have some possible links with ancient Greek and Phonecian. The writing has been dated to around 8th to 6th Century BCE.

Further details, with drawings : Origin and development of the Paleohispanic scripts : the orthography and phonology of the Southwestern alphabet Revista Portuguesa de Arqueologia. volume 11. número 2. 2008, pp. 107–13

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