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The 'Sea peoples'

The Sea Peoples. refers to a 'seafaring confederation' of ethnic and sociological groups which is said to have dominated the Eastern Mediterranean around 1,200 - 900 BCE.

It has been proposed that the Sea Peoples originated from a number of different locations, e.g. the Aegean, the Mediterranean islands, Southern Europe, and Western Asia Minor.

It's suggested that the group may have included the Danuna, Karkisa, Labu, Lukka, Meshwesh, Shardana, Shekelesh and the Tjakkar peoples. (See Sea Peoples and the Philistines on the Web [archived] Penn State University).

Some scholars have proposed that the group invaded Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia, Canaan, Cyprus, and Egypt. Historical details remain unclear, however, and in some cases are disputed :

The Sea Peoples remain unidentified in the eyes of most modern scholars, and hypotheses regarding the origin of the various groups are the source of much speculation.

Source : Wikipedia

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