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Indexed under : Earth Sciences

Wikenigma - an Encyclopedia of Unknowns Wikenigma - an Encyclopedia of the Unknown


A Skyquake is the name given to loud, distinct booming sounds, somewhat like cannon fire, appearing to originate from the sky. The phenomenon can last for several hours, with hundreds of booms, and has been widely reported, from the 1800s onwards, by reliable observers on every continent except Antarctica. Example ]

To qualify as a skyquake event, there must be no clouds or lightningplugin-autotooltip__plain plugin-autotooltip_bigLightning

High powered lightning discharges are happening somewhere on Earth 100 times every second - as yet there are no agreed explanations as to how or why.

"One mystery is how thunderclouds become so highly charged. The best explanation is that collisions between…
strikes in the area - and, since the 1940s, no supersonic aircraft.

There is currently no agreement about the cause of the sounds. Theories include :

  • Coronal mass ejections
  • Meteor impacts
  • Escaping bio-gas
  • Escaping gas from caves
  • Shallow earthquakes
  • Underwater geological collapses
  • Magnetic interactions with the atmosphere
  • Volcanic eruptions
  • Avalanches
  • Acoustic focussing of distant storms

See : Wikipedia

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