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Fujiwaraā€“Moritani reaction

Technical description :

[ā€¦] the Fujiwaraā€“Moritani reaction is a type of cross coupling reaction where an aromatic C-H bond is directly coupled to an olefinic C-H bond, generating a new C-C bond. This reaction is performed in the presence of a transition metal, typically palladium. The reaction was discovered by Yuzo Fujiwara and Ichiro Moritani in 1967. An external oxidant is required to this reaction to be run catalytically.

Source : Wikipedia

The reaction has many advantages as a commercial route to creating complex organic chemicals - but is rarely used in practice because of the difficulties in handling the powerful oxidants.

The mechanism of the reaction has yet to be fully explained. One widely accepted, though unproven, theory is described at Wikipedia

Technical information here Journal of the American Chemical Society

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