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Wikenigma - an Encyclopedia of Unknowns Wikenigma - an Encyclopedia of the Unknown

Content guidelines

Note: Editing and creation of articles is currently restricted to registered users. See 'Notes for Contributors' in the 'Utilities' section of the main menu.

Ideas for new topics are always welcomed, from experts and non-experts alike - if you're not sure if they'll be accepted by other editors, put them in the 'Proposed content' section for approval.

The easiest way to create a new article is to use the 'Create a new article' link (which shows at the top of every page for logged-in users)

Please bear in mind that, to maintain quality, all Wikenigma content must include reference links to previously published findings and/or comments from respected sources - such as academic journals, Wikipedia etc.. Articles without some degree of expert backup are liable to be deprecated (and eventually deleted).

If you do create and post any content, please be aware that by doing so you are implicitly agreeing to its continued use with a Creative Commons license.


Please note that the 'original' contents of each page are currently restricted to being written and edited in English only.

Problem categories

Unfalsifiables – ideas which definitely can't be proved one way or the other are excluded. However, some included articles are marked with the Unfalsifiable? hashtag where there's a doubt about whether they're provable or not.

There's also a special exception for philosophical or mathematical concepts that are supported by reasoned arguments about (or proofs of) their un-provability - a.k.a. 'Known Uknowables' [example]plugin-autotooltip__plain plugin-autotooltip_bigRadioactive decay


Radioactive decay is the process by which the nucleus of an unstable atom loses energy by emitting 'radiation' - which can be in the form of alpha particles (two neutrons + two protons), beta particles (high energy electrons or positrons), gamma rays (high energy photons), or conversion electrons.
They're marked with the Unknowable hashtag.

Original research - as mentioned above, topics which only have one supporting external reference are not encouraged. That's to say all items should be verifiable via a number of respected reliable source(s).

Fictional content - Unlike Wikipedia, Wikenigma doesn't feature fictional content of any kind.

Wikenigma also excludes content based around conspiracy theories, dreams, or such things as :
• Afterlife Mysteries • Mediums and Mystics • Religious Phenomena • Secret Societies • Magic and Sorcery • Prophecy and Divination • Legends • Myths • Objects of Mystery and Power • Places of Mystery and Power • Ghosts and Phantoms • Mysterious Creatures • Superstitions • Strange Customs • Taboos • Urban Legends • Invaders from Outer Space • Alien Abductions • etc. etc. etc..

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