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Wolf domestication > dogs

The entire spectrum of domestic dogs are believed to have originated from Grey Wolves. The precise details of when, where, and how are unknown.

A 2021 review study suggests that dogs and humans share a correlated history of population divergences and migration from Siberia into the Americas - humans arriving there with their dogs - but firm evidence from fossils is currently lacking.

See :Dog domestication and the dual dispersal of people and dogs into the Americas PNAS, 118 (6)

The questions of when and where dogs were first domesticated have taxed geneticists and archaeologists for decades.The dog was domesticated from grey wolves in Eurasia. Genetic studies suggest a domestication process commencing over 25,000 YBP, in one or several wolf populations in either Europe, the high Arctic, or eastern Asia. There is clear evidence that dogs were derived from grey wolves during the initial phases of domestication. The wolf population(s) that were involved are likely to be extinct. Despite numerous genetic studies of both modern dogs and ancient dog remains, there is no firm consensus regarding either the timing or location(s) of domestication, the number of wolf populations that were involved, or the long-term effects domestication has had on the dog's genome.

Source : Wikipedia

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