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Pearl formation

Pearls are the only 'gem's produced by a living organism. Their formation process, either by natural means or through human intervention, is a response to an injury to the mantle tissue or a protection against an aggression or an intrusion by a foreign body - the exact mechanisms, however, for the glossy nacre formation are unclear.

“Nature's ability to generate so amazingly complex structures like a pearl is impressive and still partially unknown. […] Such a challenge will strongly encourage the community to continue to develop approaches and knowledge to decipher the biophysical and molecular details of biomineralization processes.”

“[…] our fundamental understanding of nacre formation remains limited. Few studies are available that explain the pearl mineralization process as well as the formation of defects […]”

Source: Yes, it turns: experimental evidence of pearl rotation during its formation

The 2105 study from Université de la Polynésie Française experimentally demonstrated, for the first time, that pearls rotate inside the oyster during their formation - contributing perhaps to their rounded form.

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