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Formatting Syntax

There are two ways to edit pages, the default Visual Editor, which is more intuitive, and the more comprehensive Syntax Editor.

( You can switch editors with the 'Switch Editor' button at the top right of the page )

Visual Editor


The Visual Editor is a 'WYSIWYG' ( What You See Is What You Get ) editor - that's to say you can immediately see the results of your edits as you make them. When you've finished editing, press the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The Visual Editor is still under development, and should currently be seen as a 'helper'. If you get stuck, or there is an error, press the 'Switch Editor' button to revert to the Syntax Editor to do corrections.

Syntax Editor

The Syntax Editor is less straightforward to use, but has more powerful options. Here is a guide to the special syntax. You can Save and Preview the pages using the buttons below left.



The site supports bold, italic, and underlined texts. Of course you can combine all these.

Paragraphs are created from blank lines. If you want to force a newline without a paragraph, you can use two backslashes \\ followed by a whitespace (or the end of line).


You can use up to five different levels of headlines to structure your content. Use the 'H' button in the toolbar If you have more than three headlines, a table of contents is generated automatically.


Highlight the text and hit the 'Quote' button.

The result looks like this


You can add footnotes 1) with the 'Footnote' button - they appear at the base of the page.

Images (and other media)

Use the 'Add media' button in the toolbar. This will allow you to choose a file from your own filing system, then upload it. After it's uploaded, click on it's name (or the image) in the list and it will be inserted into the page (here you can choose sizes, link options etc ).

Note that there's a limit on the size of files you can upload - if in doubt use a photo-editing app. to re-size your image to a reasonable size before uploading.

Please respect copyright restrictions of any images you upload.

Rating pages

In a departure from normal 'wiki' pages, it's possible to add an Importance Rating for the content, like this w-stars.jpg. The idea is to distinguish exceptionally important items from minor ones.

You can rate the contents of a page using the yellow 'Star' button in the toolbar.

Importance Rating

More options

You can also use the HTML subscript and superscript tags.

Further info

This is a very basic overview of the available syntax - if you want to read the full syntax manual, go here

This is a footnote