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Sneeze center

“Experiments in cats identified a concentration of cells in the rostral dorsolateral pontomedullary area, stimulation of which causes sneezing indistinguishable from sneezing induced by natural peripheral stimuli.” Source: Localization of the “sneeze center”

However, the location of the 'Sneeze Center' (the brain area that controls and triggers sneezing) in humans has still not been conclusively established.

A report in the journal Neurology, January 01, 2017, suggests that the localization of the human sneeze center is in the dorsolateral aspect of the medulla.

“The precise location of the human sneeze center has not been identified; this case provides further evidence for its location in the dorsolateral medulla as previously proposed.”

Source: Neurology, January 01, 2017; 4 (1)

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